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Heather Frank

My story starts with this question: What does one do with a degree in Comparative Literature from a small college in the Midwest? Answer: Move to San Francisco and start writing horoscopes! 
I was so good at writing horoscopes that my company quickly put me in charge of their marketing department. A few zigs, zags and an MBA later (a much more useful degree), I’m helping the JCCSF fund our important programs by writing grants and proposals. By day.

By night I am part of an elite gang of creative types who live in an old East Oakland paint factory. I use the atmosphere of danger and paint fumes to cook vegetarian things that remind me of meat, needlepoint trite sayings, cover things in fake fur and glitter, and play video games. I am protected by three fiercely cuddly guard cats and my equally cuddly partner.

Stories by Heather Frank