When JCCSF Travel Manager Ariel Goldstein got the call from New York, he knew he had a story he could run with. The woman who telephoned him about his upcoming group tour to Cuba was on a personal quest for some crucial family information that had been long lost in the clouds of time. Ariel was sure that with his international connections, knowedge of Jewish history and investigative instincts, he could find what she was looking for. 

Ariel wrote about the adventure in 3200Stories and earned a nickname as "the Jewish Indiana Jones." But soon he was asking, "Wouldn't this make a great movie?"

The 3200Stories team got busy, and with the help of the Guantanamo community, many of the trip participants, and other collaborators, we offer "A Gift From Guantanamo" -- the film version.

Feature image by Paul Knopf, Seattle, by permission